Nuestra tienda


We have the best products for proper maintenance and cleaning of your boat.

  • Fiberglass brightener
  • Fiberglass Cleaner renovator
  • Treatment teak cleaner, polisher and oil.
  • Rust remover to remove the yellow spots of the fiber caused by rust.


For continuous treatment of your air cleaner Neumatica offer Sadira, with which you protect your air UV aggression, extends the life and gives a better look. Removes dirt, grime, stains footwear, oil, exhaust fumes and stains from the waterline.

From one end to your boat with clean metal-marine touch leaving all bright and protected metals.

We also have products for cleaning defenses, bilge cleaning, vinyl cleaner, clean sea and clean plastic candles, antioxidants and products for the proper functioning of the toilet.

We have full equipment in Stock saves with jackets, flares, signal mirror, fog horns, national flag, bailer.

Variety of equipment for water sports, donuts, bananas, skis and wakeboards.



Inverne your boat with Centauro 3 in 1 inflatable, clean and protect 100% electrical circuits where the driver of the water and moisture can attack effect.